Ethereum Bogotá invites to a talk on design applied to blockchain


Diego Mazo will tell his experience in the subject, from the academy and also as a leader of Design in a startup blockchain

On Saturday September 3rd, Ethereum Bogotá invites to a talk on applied design in blockchain. In this opportunity, Diego Mazo will tell his experience in the subject, from the academy and also as a leader of Design in a blockchain startup. This is what the organizers, from Colombia, informed Cointelegraph en Español.

„One of the obstacles that applications built for Web 3.0 have is usability. Many novice users do not know how to enter this world. For this it is essential to do research focused on their needs. This field in the area of design is called ‚User-Centred Design‘,“ they detailed from Ethereum Bogota. It is precisely on this subject that Diego Mazo, professor at the Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá and an expert in the field, will speak.

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The talk, called „User-centred design: how to improve the experience in Ethereum“, will address questions about methodologies, best practices and in general what it means to design decentralised systems, this being a tool to give confidence in the exchange of something as ethereal as cryptomonries, which are usually volatile and transmit a high degree of uncertainty. It is around these kinds of ideas that we will discuss in this virtual talk by Ethereum Bogotá.

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Diego Mazo commented:

„Design in blockchain should not be associated only with the interfaces or UX of the dapps, but designers should understand the decentralised systems and communities they design for, their governance rules and the value exchanges so that the services that are created ideally meet the needs of all and the incentives are aligned“.

It should be noted that Mazo is also the design leader of TRU, where they develop blockchain privacy solutions.

Juan David Reyes, one of the event’s organizers, said:

„Increasing the adoption of blockchain technology, in particular of Ethereum is one of our missions, for that reason we want to put on the table a very important tool: To understand how this new ecosystem works, putting the user in the centre in order to understand its context“.

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The virtual event will address questions such as these:
– What are the best practices for generating minimum friction in non-custodial systems?

– How do we onboard our users of crypto products?

– Is there a difference between thinking UX for a project in L1, with respect to the increasingly used L2 solutions?

The Meetup will last one hour, in the first half the presentation will be made and then the microphone will be opened for questions from the audience. Those interested in participating can log in here